Saturday, August 2, 2014

I'm not dead, I'm just holding a baby or two!

I'm not dead, I'm just holding a baby or two!

This is not even a full day's worth.
If anyone ever diminishes the notion of a SAHD (that's Stay At Home Dad, ftw), or a SAHM (figure it out) in my presence I'll be quick to shoot them down and cover them with a few day's worth of diapers, wipes, genie liners packed to the brim, empty formula containers, used bottle liners, dirty onesies, dirty twosies, soiled blankets, hair-covered floor binkies... and so on and so forth.  
And that's just a day or two's worth.

I'm not joking.  These twins are eating, peeing, pooping, puking machines.  Is that a fresh shirt?  Hmm, not anymore.  Oh you feel wet, sorry 'bout that.  No, that's not curry on your lap, that would be plain ridiculous.  Yep, its pretty much like that.

We've now switched to more bottles and better formula.
I've tried to keep track of everything they take in and out but its a lot and it can be hard to stay with it at times.  Usually in the mornings I'll make enough bottles to make the accumulative total of 32oz's, and usually we have to make a few more by the end of the night.  We go through about 12-15 diapers a day, depending on their demeanor.  And at least 4 onesies or outfits that invariably get soiled in some fashion or another.

I aint lying though, its work indeed, but a labor of love.

Why we fight.

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