Friday, June 20, 2014


A twinvasion indeed!  A word I made up by cleverly adjoining two words together; "Twin" and "Invasion."  A word I've come to describe the third great chapter in my life, this being my thirties.  Of course I'm already two years into this (and a half!) realm but I'm finding sometimes a period of acclimation is necessary.  

A year ago had someone told me I was going to be the father of fraternal twins I would have spit my beer all over them.  Had they mentioned in addendum to that that I would become the defacto stepfather to another set of nine-year-old twins simultaneously I might have taken another swig and proceeded to exhale it all over the individual telling me this.  Had they mentioned that the set of twin black kittens I had recently acquired acted as the harbinger of all of this... well I might have simply stopped believing you.  I mean, how is that possible?  

Its true, an invasion of sorts has taken place within the last year, and it came in waves of two's.  The tides have reached their highest point and the waters are beginning to recede.  Though I'm not finding destruction in their wake, but absolute creation.  Sure, the wave came crashing over my adventurous twenties, putting a very symbolic end to the aimless and rowdy ways I had come to expect as normal.  Leaving behind what is seeming to be a fertile land to thrive upon, this tsunami has carved rivers and valleys and revealed bountiful lands that were otherwise veiled behind the coastal fog.

Fatherhood.  Here goes!

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